The Ultimate guide to successful consultations.

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In this Guide to Successful Consultations you'll learn:


The 5 steps to successful consultations

Taking control of your consultations is how you get better results for your clients. Learn the 5 key ingredients to putting your clients at ease and getting the information you need to meet their hair goals.


How to discuss your client’s hair goals

Your client has a picture in her head of what a perfect color looks like. You’re worried that you won’t be able to get her to that level. Knowing how to handle these conversations and providing alternatives are key to a successful consultation. 


How to talk about pricing with confidence

Do you hide the price from your clients in the beginning and then freak out from guilt at the end of the appointment and end up dropping your prices? It’s time for you to learn how to talk about pricing with confidence.


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Stop hating consultations and start doing them the right way.

Maybe you've struggled with your consultations but you just thought that it was normal, and “part of the job”. 

Or maybe you know there’s a better way to have tricky conversations with your clients, but you don’t know what to say to make it better. 

Either way, this Guide to Successful Consultations will show you how to navigate your clients through the process and meet their hair goals with less stress and better results.

You’ll feel empowered and prepared for great consultations

  • You’ll feel confident in structuring your consultations to get the information you need so you don’t have to guess about the outcome of a color treatment.
  • You’ll know how to handle discussions about price and budget - without awkwardly running to the back after an appointment and leaving your receptionist to deal with the fallout.
  • You’ll know when to say yes to a client, and how to tell them when you can’t meet their hair goals.

A Note From Amy...

As a master balayage instructor and Wella ambassador, I have over 30 years of experience creating the colors and the styles that keep my clients coming back for more.

Now, I’m swinging my chair around to teach you the exact way I handle my consultations and establish a trusting relationship with my clients. 

Too many stylists struggle with their consultations, and they aren’t as successful as they want to be because of it. I created this guide to share some of my trade secrets that I wish I’d have known years ago. 

It’s totally free, and it’s my gift to you - See you on the inside!

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