About me

Hi, I’m Amy! Your master balayage instructor

When I started my journey into learning balayage, I was desperate for education - but I couldn’t find it. All the people doing it were just posting pretty pictures without any information. I needed to understand the “why” behind these techniques, and through relentless trial and error, I started to put it all together. 

About Balayage University

The steal-my-trade-secrets education you’ve been waiting 


Now, I’m teaching you the techniques I wish I’d have known when I started so you can gain the skills to transform your business. 

It’s the trade-secret-stealing edge that will leave your clients telling all their friends about your salon. 

See you on the inside!

Balayage & Foilayage

Hairstylist Tips

Color & Formulation


The Ultimate guide to successful consultations.

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